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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur

Enrolment for September 2018

 Enrolment will take place from 9am on Thursday 23rd August

How will the enrolment process work? 

There are several stages to the enrolment process:

  • Check the general information that we hold (name, address, etc) as well as GCSE grades
  • An interview with a member of staff where subject choices are agreed
  • A pastoral meeting where the home/school commitment and transition between Y12 and 13 are discussed
  • A £20 deposit is taken to process ID cards, photos and locker keys
  • Full information given on the start of term

What do I need to bring to enrolment?

  • A copy of your results statement (which will be provided by your school on results day); a £20 deposit (card payment accepted).
  • Proof of ID
  • Parent/Carer details to complete enrolment form (D.O.B, email address, telephone number, NI number)

Any questions or concerns, please contact us on 0208 352 6020 or email