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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur


We believe that a student’s relationship with its school does not end when they leave school. LAE Tottenham alumni will always be welcomed back to help current sixth formers and students. They will also be invited to a wide range of events such as networking and careers mentoring opportunities. There will also be various alumni sports opportunities, where past students can come back and play!

Alumni of LAE Tottenham will also be invited to join the alumni networks of our partner schools, including the Harrow Association and all of its societies, and the Old Dunstonian Association which hosts regular sporting events at the Old Dunstonian Clubhouse & Ground.

Past LAE Tottenham students will also be invited to join the Old Millhillans Club and the alumni society of North London Collegiate School (ONLs) who have a wide range of societies, from business to finance and media and law.