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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur

Co-curricular Offer

We believe that a strong and wide-ranging co-curricular provision is the perfect complement to our robust academic curriculum. Our students are able to broaden their horizons by joining our wide variety of societies and have the option of creating clubs and societies in areas of interest where provision does not already exist.

Our co-curricular offer includes but is not limited to debating, drama, music, a wide range of sports, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the LAE Tottenham Diploma and the 'Routes to Work' careers programme.

We want to develop lifelong learners that are immersed in academic education, are reflective, always endeavour and are active citizens.

Three afternoons every week are dedicated to our co-curricular programme, with clubs and societies taking place on Tuesday, Sports on Wednesday and Community projects on Friday.

Introduction to the co-curriculum 

Clubs and Societies - Tuesday afternoons

1. Providing our students with learning experiences they cannot access elsewhere within the curriculum
2. Broadening our students’ understanding of society
3. Extending our students cultural horizons
4. Celebrating learning as an intrinsic good
5. Creating learning opportunities that run in parallel to the academic curriculum but do not rely upon it or solely extend it

Term 1a 2018-19

 - Art house film club
- Chemistry club
- Classical civilisations 
- Coding for beginners 
- Cyber challenge 
- Debate club 
- Drama
- Feminist society
- Healthy minds 
- LIBF (London Institute of  Banking and Finance)
- Mandarin
- Maths challenge
- Philosophy
- Physics olympiad
- Stem society
- School newspaper
- Using maths in finance

Sports and exercise - Wednesday afternoons

1. Modelling to our students the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle
2. Creating opportunities to celebrate the power of competition, physical challenge, teamwork and leadership
3. Providing our students with sporting activities they would not be able to access elsewhere

Term 1a 2018-19

- Basketball
- Boxing
- Circuits
- Dance
- Football
- Gym
- Netball
- Street circus
- Swimming
- Yoga