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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur

Ethos and Aims

London Academy of Excellence Tottenham is the place for academic rigour. We exist to provide the very best opportunities for our students with a particular focus on developing confident learners who achieve top A Level grades thus opening the door to the best further education available to them. Beyond this, we aim to ensure that once students access the most competitive courses at top universities, they have the confidence and resilience to feel that they belong.

We aspire to provide our students with the same opportunities as students at the leading independent schools. We provide a fully enriched curriculum offering opportunities which broaden the experience of our students.  We have strong links with a number of independent schools including our ten partner schools. Traditionally these schools have been the most successful at securing places for their sixth formers at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities. These links are invaluable in developing the social capital of our young people and coupled with our strong links with the universities themselves, this ensures that the provision at LAE Tottenham is amongst the very best on offer.

Our mission

We will:

Provide a rigorously academic and holistic education that prepares our students for success at university and beyond

Our Values

- Academia

- Citizenship

- Endeavour

- Reflection

Our beliefs

We believe:

...that an academic education is transformational the importance of a strong social conscience

...that hard work pays off

..that through reflection we remain humble and learn from our mistakes

our artefects

We create:

…a university driven curriculum containing facilitating and challenging subjects

…a culture in which learning is recognised an intrinsic good

…partnerships with 10 leading independent schools to support the very best academic outcomes possible

…a co-curriculum that reaches out into the community

…opportunities for our students to critique and appreciate the world around us

…an authentic student leadership programme

…a culture in which working hard is the norm

…the expectation that homework and independent study are crucial for academic success

…a supportive environment in which we don’t allow one another to give up

…a working week in which we devote attention to our character, wellbeing and academics

…the environment for students to develop confidence, professionalism and resilience

…a pastoral system in a small school setting in which everyone’s individual qualities are celebrated