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Attendance Policy & Routine

At LAE Tottenham we believe an excellent education is underpinned first and foremost by outstanding attendance. As such, we expect all of our students to be in school each and every day, and to develop grown-up habits with regards to punctuality.

We consider outstanding attendance to be 98% and better:

Outstanding attendance Year to date attendance of 98% or better 98.4% attendance is equivalent to one day missed per term
Good attendance Year to date attendance of between 96% - 97.9% 97% attendance is equivalent to 5 days missed across an academic year
Concerning attendance Year to date attendance of between 92% - 95.9% 92% attendance is equivalent to close to one day missed per fortnight
Unacceptable attendance Year to date attendance of below 91.9%  90% attendance is equivalent to 20 days missed over a year

All students are part of one of our Houses - Faraday, Tull or Woolf. Within each house, students are allocated to tutor groups of around 20, giving an immediate point of contact for all pastoral issues. Each tutor is supported by a Head of House, whose responsibility it is to have oversight of the academic and pastoral development of students in the House.

Regular house competitions encourage excellence as well active participation in the full co-curricular life of the school.

Systems Overview 

For students and parents, please find an overview of the systems by which we communicate and monitor attendance:

Morning arrival Students should be in by 8.20am
Morning registration 8.25am
Morning lateness Arrival after 8.25am
Morning session ‘missed’ Arrival after 9.15am
Lateness for any lesson Any point after 2 minutes following the start of the lesson

Unexplained and unexpected absence from a lesson, including lateness over 10 minutes.

A L1 disciplinary hearing would need to be organised (in the first instance) for any truancy.

Foreseen absence Students should complete an absence request form and hand in to their HoH 48 hours in advance.
Unforseen absence Parents should call in before 8.20am on 020 8352 6020
Unavoidable and informed lateness

Students may call 020 8352 6020 before 8.20am to inform the school that they will be late. The registers for morning arrival close at 9.15am.

Other lateness

Any students that arrive after 8.25am would be marked late and could be entered into a late detention that day.

Three instances of morning lateness within a week would lead to a full week of 'early morning registration' - arriving at school for 8am for 5 days. Failure to complete this would result in a 2hr detention.

The school's overall attendance for 2018-19 was 96%.